Matthew Brown

Associate / Manager - Asset Management Services

We've built a really strong team with significant experience managing both public and private property assets. We provide a clear road map for identifying when and where to spend money to extend the life of an asset and reduce operational costs now and into the future.

Matthew works with clients to identify opportunity and reduce risk throughout the property asset life cycle. His expertise includes: contract cost management, cash flow and cost auditing, budget reviews and bench marking, life-cycle cost planning and strategic asset management. Matthew is also a published co-author, industry speaker and former university lecturer.

Best advice I ever received
Treat your project budget like your own money.

Advice I like to give
The right advice early in a project life is the best way to save significant future costs.

What I enjoy about my job
I really enjoy working with a diversity of clients across all asset types.


Bachelor of Applied Science (QS) Associate

Australian Institute of Quantity Surveying Member

Certified Quantity Surveyor (CQS)

Facilities Management Association of Australia


Asset Management

Measurement & Cost Control

Value & Risk Management