QCLNG Export Pipeline

QGC is a leading Australian coal seam gas explorer and producer focused on developing reserves in both the Surat and Bowen basins for domestic and international supply. During construction of the QCLNG Export Pipeline in Central Queensland the pipeline suffered extensive damage due to a number of flooding, and other unforeseen weather events, which substantially affected the project.

GRC assisted Integra Australia (chartered loss adjusters specialising in the settlement of large, complex losses involving property loss, damage and business interruption) to evaluate a number of insurance claims lodged by the project contractor. This included extended periods of onsite investigations.

Key project challenges were overseeing multiple claims and achieving the required reporting structure to meet Integra Australia and the insurer’s expectations. We were instrumental in providing detailed and unique cost templates to assist negotiating claims. All claims were successfully negotiated and settled. GRC continues to work with Integra Australia on insurance evaluation work.

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