QCLNG Upstream Gas Facilities

The QCLNG Upstream Gas facilities were developed to obtain and process gas in the Surat Basin, 400 kilometres west of Brisbane in Western Queensland, prior to pumping through a 540 kilometre pipeline to Curtis Island at Gladstone for further processing and shipping. QCLNG were the first producer in the world to extract gas from coal seams and sell it on the worldwide market.

In late 2014, Thiess were awarded the construction contract for the upstream facilities situated around Dalby, Miles and Roma.  The project consisted of 20 field compressor stations, 4 process plants, evaporation ponds, trunklines, overhead transmission and 132kV substations. The project scope covered bulk earthworks, road works, drainage, structural and civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, piping, instrumentation.

GRC were appointed by Thiess to assist with measurement, estimation, contract administration and dispute resolution services. We helped Thiess manage the massive design change throughout the project (that saw company issued documents increase from 15,000 to over 80,000) and provided substantiation for negotiations with QGC that saw the contract value increase from $600 million to $2.44 billion. 

The Project Director at Thiess praised our professionalism: 

GRC are extremely professional in all aspects of their work and this was demonstrated in how they interfaced with the client, our site staff and the staff in the Project Directorate and gained their confidence in the work presented.

The Project Commercial Manager at Thiess said we were instrumental to the success of the project:

The estimating, cost planning and bills of quantities services provided by GRC were of a high standard and significantly contributed to the current success of the project. Just as importantly was GRC’s ability to work as part of our team with a spirit of enthusiasm and co-operation, which ensured the project has achieved satisfactory outcomes for Thiess. 

Thiess Pty Ltd
Surat Basin, Western Australia
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"Services provided by GRC were a high standard and significantly contributed to the current success of the project."