Construction & Forensic Planning


Ryan Marschke


Construction & Forensic Planning

To assess, support and deliver the best commercial outcome we deliver the full range of construction and forensic planning services. Our expertise and experience include:


Construction planning

  • Develop project to reflect the project WBS
  • Analyse the cost breakdown structure for cash flow forecasting
  • Analyse resource allocation for planning workforce requirements and accommodation demand
  • Schedule ranging to develop contingency allowance
  • Develop and track critical path activities
  • Prepare look ahead and exception reporting
  • Develop cost and schedule performance indices
  • Produce schedule risk mitigation strategies


Forensic planning

  • Determine issues to be researched based on your brief
  • Determine all relevant facts associated with an issue to provide a coherent chronological account of events associated with a delay
  • Prepare model delays using an appropriate modelling methodology
  • Report impact of delays and extension of time entitlements
  • Determine cost impact of delays

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