Financial Services


Jock Barnes


Financial Services

We consult with financial institutions and their clients to identify risk and assess the viability of their projects. Our clients include Australia’s and South East Asia’s largest banks as well as mezzanine funds. 

To help secure funding for a project we prepare an initial report as part of the financiers’ risk assessment procedure. The report covers a wide range of important elements including project cost, construction contingency, perceived risk, tender qualifications and selection and overall development budgets.

We then prepare regular progress valuation reports throughout the project life. These reports cover works assessment, cost to complete, construction risk status, documentation progress, cash flow and much more. Our services start at feasibility stage and continue through to project completion, including:

  • Contract administration
  • Bank reports
  • Progress valuations 
  • Risk management 
  • Financial status reports
  • Administration services
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Market condition reports

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